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6 Day Diet for Quick Fat Loss

Follow these simple tips to quickly lose body fat in the next 6 days: 1) Keep your starches (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) as low as possible. These foods are not necessarily always off limits,  but they have a lot of calories per serving and they can make you hungrier.   2) If you want something…

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Smoothie Drink Ideas

Smoothies are a great way to work something sweet, tasty and very healthy into your daily eating routine. There are several foundational ingredients that contribute to a good smoothie, and you’ll find those in my blog post previous to this one. Here are a few of my smoothie “rules” to go by: It’s good to…

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Yummy Smoothie Essentials

If you are planning on trying out some of the smoothie recipes I’ll be posting, you might want to shop for some of the most common ingredients that I like to use: FRUITS Bananas – This is the most important fruit for smoothies in my view. It gives the drink a good consistency. Raspberries– Delicious…

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