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Smart, quick fat blasting cardio!

19-Minute Metabolic Cardio Fat Burning Workout! Whether it’s during a specific fitness challenge or just boot camp in general, I am always asked what to do on non-boot camp workout days.

 Generally, you do not need to do additional resistance/strength training on your off days if you know you will get in at least three…

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Rules – VIP Scholarship Doug Rice’s Boot Camp

Rules – VIP Scholarship Doug Rice’s Boot Camp Open to Dallas area women only. Current and former boot camp participants also eligible along with potential first time participants. Winners receive 90 consecutive calendar days to attend unlimited workouts at any location of Boot Camp 90210 (Dallas/Plano). Must attend first workout no later than Sept 16,…

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VIP Scholarship To Boot Camp

I’ve been reading a lot recently about the amazing power of sharing and it’s really making a big impact on my little trainer brain. There are so many signs that I need to GIVE more and get my message of health and fitness out to help more people than ever.  Quick story: Just last month,…

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