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7 Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

7 Fat Loss Secrets Revealed I hear from bootcampers all the time who have successfully lost weight, tightened and toned with my program, but they are a “victim” of their own success. What I mean is, they workout hard, eat the right foods, and look totally awesome, but are afraid that they will fall off…

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Top 5 Eating Danger Zones

Each day you make well over 200 decisions about food, according to Brian Wansink, PH.D. in his book, Mindless Eating. Your weight is the sum total of your past food decisions. According to Wansink, overeating can be greatly reduced simply by removing the cues in your environment that cause you to overeat. He goes on…

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Cut the Calories in Your Drinks

For most people, calories are thought of in solid forms, via meat and potatoes, fruits and vegetables, and cake and ice cream. But if you’re not careful, the liquids you drink each day can add hundreds of extra calories to your daily diet without you ever knowing it. Which drinks should you be wary of…

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