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Hilary C.

“Before discovering bootcamp, I tried everything I could. I bought so many different weight loss programs from infomercials, it was crazy. I even went to personal trainers and nothing was working. Signing up for boot camp was the smartest thing I ever did. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I had decided not too.”

- Hillary C.

Jackie L.

My boss just kept repeating (loudly at that), “I just cannot get over how much weight you have lost…"  Not only did I lose the pounds – I GOT RID of them & I have no plans to ever find them them again! Each workout you just get better and see the results!

-Jackie Dee L.

Shiloh M.

Boot camp has meant so much to me. Not only did I see fast results, but I have never found anything else that gives me both results and sustainability that boot camp has. I am in my best shape since high school. Thanks Doug!

-Shiloh M.

Tyler S.

I went to my first class, just to try it out, and then go back to my regular routine of dragging myself to the gym, and hating every minute of it. But after that first workout, I was hooked! Then, I did a fitness evaluation at my gym, and I tested off the charts. Soon boot camp became more than just a workout. It was a stress reliever and something I look forward to. Thanks, Doug!!!”

- Ty S.

Taryne B.

I had the dreaded “back hangover”  and “arm fat swing” in the mirror. You get stronger and stronger, and you accomplish more and more with each workout!   I achieved RESULTS!  Someone called ME skinny!!  What?!?!?!  Then – I got compliments on my arms, back, and shoulders…and really…thank you boot camp! 

Talk about beaming with pride – I was SO proud of myself!

- Taryne B.

Nicole C.

Since starting Boot Camp, I've lost over 35 pounds and so thankful for a healthier lifestyle and feeling confident. I get a lot of “wow, you look great” comments which of course I love! It am the size I haven't been since high school. 

Nicole C.


Fun, group style workouts at one of Dallas's top fitness facilities.
Workouts designed to boost your metabolism, shed fat and tone your body - fast!
Scientifically proven workouts designed to get results in a short amount of time.
A brighter, newer, healthier YOU with more confidence and energy.

Katie G.

"Best decision I've ever made to get in shape and feel great!"

Michael N.

"Doug got me on the right track and the results came fast and it can actually be fun."

Julie K.

"I started with Doug's boot camp before my wedding, and years later I'm still going because it works!"

slim down. SHAPE UP. Feel great!

    • All fitness levels welcome

    • Friendly, welcoming atmosphere
    • Positive community
    • Fun, body shaping & toning workouts
    • Support and accountability
    • Results you’ll be proud of
    • No intimidating equipment
    • No counting calories
    • No boring treadmills
    • No figuring it out alone

    Come experience the difference and see why Doug Rice's Boot Camp will soon be YOUR favorite workout!

Amber H.

"Doug's boot camp got me motivated like never before and I can't believe how good I look!"

Alan L.

"Everybody is friendly and supportive and that was important to me."

Kendall S.

"I looked at pics of me recently and I was like, wow, that's actually me. Thanks, Doug!"

Earl H.

"My wife keeps telling me how great I look and I feel 10 years younger!"

Lani G.

"I am so blessed to have found Doug's boot camp. I could never have gotten the results I did without it, no way in the world - LOL."

Heather P.

These have been the best and most effective workouts I've ever done, and to think I was almost too scared to sign up."

FUN, calorie-burning WORKOUTS that get results -- FAST!

Doug Rice's Boot Camp is a results-driven, high energy workout for shaping up, slimming down and feeling your best.

Our fast and fun 45-minute workouts combine Metabolic Resistance Training with Metabolic Conditioning. This training combination burns hundreds of calories and boosts your metabolism because it is designed to keep burning calories for up to 36 hours post workout.

Every boot camp session is led by Doug Rice, one of the most experienced boot camp trainers in all of Texas. If you want results and you're ready to stop the excuses, take action and get into the best shape of your life, come join us for a risk-free trial!

slim down. SHAPE UP. Feel great!

  • Doug Rice's Boot Camp is not like your typical group fitness class at your local gym. Every boot camp session is professionally designed and led by trainer Doug Rice with focus on getting you results.

a fun way to get into the best shape of your life!

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Doug RicE's boot camp

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