FB_VIP Scholarship imageI’ve been reading a lot recently about the amazing power of sharing and it’s really making a big impact on my little trainer brain. There are so many signs that I need to GIVE more and get my message of health and fitness out to help more people than ever.

 Quick story: Just last month, ABC News (national) aired a story on “The Lookout” and on “Good Morning America” about 3 of our boot camp ladies who were selected for a 60-Day fitness contest. The results were very inspiring!
Our overall winner, Amber, dropped 21 lbs and Karly lost almost 16 lbs – all in just 60 days!

Also, back in 2011, I ran a 90 day challenge with “D Magazine.” The winner, Nicole, lost 35 lbs, and she is STILL ATTENDING TO THIS DAY! Another contestant, Jackie, loved boot camp so much she attended for a few more months and lost 40 lbs! Another contestant, Kelsey, returned several months ago and brought some friends with her and all of these ladies are rockin’ it! These five ladies are just a teeny-tiny sample of many other awesome boot camp success stories.

Sooooo, back to SHARING! This all got me thinking about the my favorite quote that I have at the bottom of all my email — it’s from the late (great!) Zig Ziglar: “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Yes!!! That is clearly my goal each day, to help other people get what they want – to share what I know about fitness to enrich the lives of others who need it. So, how do I get more people into my boot camp that would benefit from my help? How can I help more wonderful ladies like Amber, Karly, Nicole, Jackie, and Kelsey (and a gazillion others too!)?

I put on my little trainer thinking cap and noodled on this for a while. I can’t just give away my training away to everybody, it’s how I make a living. I’d be homeless in no time, walking around Uptown needing a bath and carrying my last set of dumbbells with a napsack on a long stick over my shoulder.

Then it hit me like a 50 lb bag of protein powder — a boot camp scholarship! Yes, I am going to give away 2 scholarships for 90 days of boot camp (altogether worth $1,200.00 in value). There’s going to be one for each of 2 categories:
(1) One school teacher (women only)
(2) One woman (no specific description)

To qualify to win this scholarship all you have to do is LIKE my DFW area business page and then answer the two questions below on Facebook in the COMMENTS section below…

1. What would it mean to you if you won this VIP scholarship to Boot Camp 90210?

2. Why do you deserve to with this scholarship over the other ladies who will apply?

To win you must submit your entry in the COMMENTS section on Facebook before this Monday, August 16 at 12 Noon Central time. Best of luck to you!