RenRow-Pushup-SquatIf you want to burn a ton of calories and you are NOT a beginner, then here are 5 of my favorite exercises. Put them together into one HIIT workout and you’ll be soaked in sweat, but feeling totally invigorated.

NOTE: These are ADVANCED moves, I did not include the beginner level versions, so be warned.

(1): Mountain Climbers w/Sliders (or using TRX straps)

If you’ve attended my boot camps in the past year, you know the power of the “super slider.” You can get a pair for a couple of bucks at Home Depot (furniture sliders).  Add the super sliders to your mountain climbers and you’re at a whole new intensity level. If you have a TRX, OMG – can you say B-U-R-N!

This is all about core strength, plus you develop power in your legs. Try this using the 20-10 interval method (20 sec ON, 10 sec REST, repeat 8 rounds)

(2) Standing Thruster

This a move that combines work in your legs, hips, shoulders and core. It takes no coordination, but will burn a bunch of calories if you crank them out at a good tempo.

(3)  Inchworm (various combos)

Hinge at the hips and place your palms on the ground and crawl forward until you reach a standard pushup position. (Make sure that you only bend your knees slightly when crawling out and when return to your staring position). This exercise is targeting your abs and lower-back muscles and makes them work together while also helping you develop your strength and stability in the shoulders.

I like to vary this exercise by taking it down to a plank, then up to a pushup. You can also add in a few mountain climbers before returning to your starting position.

 (4) Burpees

Would this even be considered legitimate if burpees were left off of it. Leaving them off would be like listing the top 5 mob movies and not including The Godfather. But back to burpees…did you know that you can burn over 12 calories per minute. Yep, and each rep only takes about 3 seconds to perform. If you can’t do the pushup part of it, or it takes you way too much time to do it, skip it and keep crankin’ em out!

(5): Renegade Row-Pushup Combos

The only reason this exercise combo won’t surpass the burpee as my favorite is that it requires a pair of dumbbells (so you can’t do it anywhere, no matter what like with burpees).

Start with your body in a straight line in pushup position with a dumbbell under each hand. Keeping your abs braced and body straight, row each dumbbell one time while squeezing the rear part of your shoulder. Next, perform at least one pushup. Follow that with either a spiderman climb or X-body mountain climber and then finish it off by jumping to your feet and performing at least one squat.

There are endless combinations and rep schemes to this exercise. You could easily do an entire workout using this exercise as the nucleus of the entire routine. Hmmmm, good idea. Maybe I’ll do that and post it one day.