Follow these simple tips to quickly lose body fat in the next 6 days:

1) Keep your starches (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) as low as possible. These foods are not necessarily always off limits,  but they have a lot of calories per serving and they can make you hungrier.


2) If you want something sweet, eat fresh fruit (avoid dried fruit like raisins, dates).


3) Eat slowly and only until you’re satisfied.


4) Drink plenty of water. Set your daily water intake as half of your body weight in ounces. So if weigh 150 lbs, you would aim for 75 oz. of water per day).


5) Consume 70 – 120 grams of protein a day, and protein smoothie drinks can be used as a meal replacement if you choose to drink them. They also contain a lot of water, so you get that benefit as well.


6) Focus on al little dairy as possible. Dairy is not always a poor choice, but this can help with your digestive tract, allowing you to break down fat easier during this six day eating challenge.


NOTE: If you’re counting calories, here are some estimated guidelines, but you may need to adjust.


Men on your off days (non workout days): 1,700 calories
Men on workout days: 2,000 calories
Women on your off days (non workout days): 1,400 calories

Women on workout days: 1,600 calories


The above numbers are estimates and your individual target will depend on your activity level, but it gives you an idea to get you started.


On Day 7, enjoy a reward meal! Woo-hoo. Eat only until satisfied though. A reward meal does not mean to go wild and eat an entire pizza along with a milkshake.


This can be challenging, but it will get you rapid results.


Whether your goal is eating right, exercising more or something in your business or personal life, you must break it down to daily and weekly “digestible” parts – um, pardon the pun.