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I will only be billed $19 today and am under no obligation to continue after the trial period.

If I choose to stay on board, I will be billed according to the program I select below. This billing will occur every 30 days. I also understand that my satisfaction is guaranteed by your 30-day money back guarantee–so the only thing I have to lose is that unwanted body fat!

  • Each camp is about an hour long
  • Bring water, mat, 1 set of dumbbells (5-8 lbs)
  • There are no start and stop dates (runs continuously)
  • Bring your questionnaire and waiver with you


$197 per month* (See “Loop-Hole” Below)
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7 Month Unlimited Membership

$157 per month**
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*You will get billed $197 each month until you let us know that you are done or you want to switch over to a 7 month membership where you will save $40/month.

**You will get billed $157 each month. When you finish with the 7 months and want to continue, you will continue to be billed at this same rate, but be under no contract.

Loop Hole!

We will allow you to at any point before the 7 month contract is over to opt out, by paying the difference between the 1 month and the 7 month memberships.  Ex: If after 2 months on the 7 month plan you decide to stop, you will just have to pay the difference ($40 X 2 Months = $80).  This loop hole makes it an easy decision to sign up for the 7 month instead of just one month at a time.

Group/Bridal Party Rates

Please email if you are interested in a group of 3 or more signing up together.