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Doug Rice's Boot Camp is a group fitness training program that is fun, challenging and high-energy with a variety of different types of workouts designed to burn the maximum body fat, tighten, and tone up your entire body in only 45 minutes.

Our workouts use a combination of (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training and Active Recovery Training to get your body to burn more fat and calories than traditional workouts that are much longer. Every boot camp session is designed to be fun, high energy and challenging all while burning maximum fat and toning your muscles.

A variety of fitness methods are the key to getting the best possible results. Our indoor workout programs are modified to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Whether you're a total beginner or a workout warrior, we will help to modify every workout so that you'll achieve your goals!

Doug Rice's Boot Camp workouts are done in a dynamic group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of working with an experienced personal trainer affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions!

Are you ready to try the boot camp that will get you results in record time?


Jackie Ditches the Weight for Good!

“I didn’t just lose 40 lbs.—I got RID of them!” “I have no plans on ever finding those 40 lbs. again! I got rid of those pesky pounds for good! Each workout you just get better! I am still one of the slower runners, but I see the results I am looking for and that is what counts!”  - Jackie L

Kim Saw Instant Results!

“Words cannot express how amazing I feel!”

“Boot Camp has truly changed my life and the way I think about exercise. For the first time I truly enjoy working out and am upset when I have to miss a workout. Boot Camp helped me lose 17 pounds and tone up.”
- Kim P

Angie Dropped
32 lbs!

“Run (don’t walk) to Doug's Boot Camp , you will not regret it!” “I didn’t know what to expect when I joined Bootcamp, but Doug quickly proved that his camp was better than the rest. It was the perfect mix of ‘kick my butt in to shape’ exercise mixed with a lot of friendly girls who share a common goal. I enjoyed and looked forward to going to camp. I saw amazing results.” -Angie P

 Taryne Exudes Confidence!

“I get compliments on my arms, back and shoulders!”

“Before Boot Camp, I rarely worked out and I dreaded what I saw in the mirror. But with Boot Camp I achieved RESULTS! someone called ME skinny! Boot Camp inspired me so much that I am now an aerobics instructor!”
-Taryne B.

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Try Our Fat Blaster™
Workout - Get 3 Free Days!