Jackie Ditches the Weight For Good!

“I didn’t just lose 40 lbs.—I got RID of them!”

“I have no plans on ever finding those 40 lbs. again! I got rid of those pesky pounds for good! Each workout you just get better! I am still one of the slower runners, but I see the results I am looking for and that is what counts!”

– Jackie L., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Kim Saw Instant Results!

“Words cannot express how amazing I feel!”

“Boot Camp has truly changed my life and the way I think about exercise. For the first time I truly enjoy working out and am upset when I have to miss a workout. Boot Camp helped me lose 17 pounds and tone up.”

– Kim P., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Taryne Exudes Confidence Down the Aisle!

“I get compliments on my arms, back and shoulders!”

“Before Boot Camp, I rarely worked out and I dreaded what I saw in the mirror. But with Boot Camp I achieved RESULTS! someone called ME skinny! Boot Camp inspired me so much that I am now an aerobics instructor!”

– Taryne B., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Nicole Lost Over 35 Pounds!

“I am the size I haven’t been since high school!”

“Since starting Boot Camp, I have lost over 35 pounds and am so thankful for a healthier lifestyle and feeling confident. I get a lot of “aww, you look great” compliments which of course I love! I had never worked out so hard before and loved seeing the results of it!”

– Nicole C., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Tyler’s Feeling The Freedom!

“I couldn’t believe how far I’d come in such a short amount of time!”

“I went to my first class just to try it out, but after that first workout, I was hooked! After boot camp, I did a fitness evaluation at my gym, and I tested off the charts. ME! The girl who couldn’t run a mile in high school, who failed the Presidential Fitness Test every single year.”

– Tyler S., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Stefani Gets All-Over Toning!

“I’ve gotten more toned from this workout.”

“I’ve worked out in gyms with personal trainers before, but this is the most effective workout I’ve had in the shortest period of time!! The boot camp workout is different. I’ve gotten more toned from this workout.I see a lot more tone in my arms, and in my back!!

– Stefani Q., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Angie Dropped 32 lbs.!

“If you have a fitness goal, run (don’t walk) to Boot Camp 90210, you will not regret it!”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I joined Bootcamp, but Doug quickly proved that his camp was better than the rest. It was the perfect mix of ‘kick my butt in to shape’ exercise mixed with a lot of friendly girls who share a common goal. I enjoyed and looked forward to going to camp. I saw amazing results in two months, but I continued to go for 6 months because I loved the experience Doug provided. He’s a great motivator and genuinely cares about your success. I look back on the boot camp experience as one of the most positive times in my life.”

– Angie P., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Countless Inches Off!

“Everything got smaller, tighter and lifted!”

“I knew Doug’s Boot Camp was a great program but I never thought I’d get in shape the way I did. In a few short months I lost 17 pounds and countless inches off from head to toe. I’ve never felt in better shape!”

– – Karina B., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Boot Camp Works for Hillary!

“Signing up for Boot Camp was the smartest thing I ever did!”

“Before discovering boot camp, I tried everything I could, but nothing worked. Doug’s boot camp was the only thing that kicked my weight loss into high gear! I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I had decided not to!”

– Hillary C., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Rocking Her Size 4 Bikini!

“I went from a size 10 to a size 4 and lost 30 lbs.!”

“I knew I had to get in shape and I found the boot camp website. I read the testimonials and thought that if those people could do it, then I can too. I was still a little nervous when I started but results came fast! Thank you, Doug!”

– Lindsey S., Los Angeles[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Time To Shop For New Clothes!

“I dropped 18 lbs. in the first 3 months of boot camp!”

“Hey Doug, I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU! In the first 3 months of boot camp I dropped 18 pounds. I went on vacation and wore a bikini without wearing a cover up for the first time in years. I have so many baggy clothes now that I need to go shopping. Yea!”

– Joy L., Pasadena[/content_area][/before_after_box][before_after_box][img][/img][content_area]

Shiloh Found What Works – Boot Camp!

“I am now at the best shape that I’ve been in since high school!”

“Boot camp has meant so much to me. Not only did I see fantastic results for my wedding, but I rejoined after I’d been married for a year because I just haven’t found anything else that gives me the results and sustainability that boot camp has. I am now at the best shape that I’ve been in since high school!”

– Shiloh M., Dallas[/content_area][/before_after_box]