Congratulations on receiving one of our valuable gift cards!
You may use your gift card to attend Bridalicious® Boot Camp or Boot Camp 90210.
There’s nothing required purchase.

To redeem your card, please do the following:

Look at the boot camp schedule on the right side of the homepage and choose the date and time of your first workout.
You must choose a start date that occurs in the next 14 calendar days.

Email with the following:

(1) Date of your first workout

(2) Time of your first workout


IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD YOUR PAPERWORK HERE and bring it with you to your first workout.

The $100 value of this card entitles you to unlimited workouts at any location(s)
for 14 calendar days beginning with your first workout date.

After you have completed all of your workouts, you have no obligation to join.
However, after experiencing the fun, invigorating workouts, many ladies want to stay on board. You can ask your trainer at boot camp for more information or simply
call or email us for membership options.