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Fruit Cleanse & Detox Plan
Lose 3-9 Pounds in 3 Days!

This is a fast, safe and effective way to jump start your fitness and fat loss plan. It is a registered dietician approved fruit cleanse and detox plan that countless bootcampers have used with great success. Unlike many similar type cleanses, this one only lasts for three days, but most people lose between three and nine pounds in that short period of time. It can be repeated every 30-45 days if you choose to do so

Boot Camp 90210 “Anti-Diet” Eating Plan
Simple - Safe - Delicious

No matter how hard and consistent your workouts are, in order to transform your body and shed that unwanted body fat, you must eat in ways that support your fitness goals.

This eating program will help you bust those plateaus and reach that next level of a fit, lean, and healthy body. It makes things so easy by laying out all the daily menus and includes a very useful grocery list. You’ll love this eating program! There’s no starving yourself with bean sprouts and sparkling water all day. Not hardly. In fact, the most common comment from my bootcampers is that there’s almost too much food to eat!

Use the Anti-Diet right away. When combined with your boot camp workouts, you'll have the ultimate combination to see more and more body fat disappear and reveal your lean, toned and shapely figure.

Eat This, Burn Fat!
Fat Burning Foods For a Slimmer You!

This e-book gives you some of the best "superfoods" you can find that will help to really fuel the fat burning process. These are Mother Nature's perfect foods because they are the best sources of essential nutrients, antioxidants, major sources of fiber, plus they fight disease and help you feel full and satisfied while consuming fewer calories.

Diet Myths Revealed
Why Popular Diets Don’t Work

There is so much misinformation almost every place you look when it comes to eating to lose body fat. This e-book uncovers the myths and helps you to more clearly understand what really needs to be done to make your eating program safe, healthy, and delicious while also helping you shed those unwanted pounds.

Your boot camp workouts will really help to boost your metabolism, don't let the misleading information out there sabotage your plan by making unrealistic claims and making you purchase certain products that you don't really need. We keep it simple, factual and to the point so you focus on what is genuinely important to reach your fitness goals quickly!

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